How to become a Harley Davidson mechanic

How to become a Harley Davidson mechanic?

how to become a harley davidson mechanic

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So the word Harley Davidson just does it for you eh? And ever since you could walk you’ve wanted to drive talk and ride a Harley Davidson, so now your looking for a career with your favorite bike ever and you want to know how to become a Harley Davidson mechanic? Well to become a mechanic for this iconic brand you can go about this various ways, one being the way described below. The first thing you will need is a high school diploma, or GED, there are exceptions, but having this will make life easier.

Second, get some hands on experience working on bikes, if you already have, than all the better for you, especially if its the all famous brand your looking for. Remember the more experience you can squeeze onto your resume the better chance you will get a job, don’t go overboard though, make sure you tell the truth when it comes to your job experience, so if you were only changing oil than put that down, don’t fluff it up and put some extravagant job title thats likely to get your resume laughed at and not taken seriously.

The next step would be to get yourself enrolled in a specialty program where you can learn specifics about the Harley Davidson range of products, Many institutions offer courses geared toward this type of thing. For interest sake some include Wyo-tech, MMC and even some community colleges. The beauty of taking courses such as these is that they help you to get accepted and to get financial aid as well as passing the program well in order to get attention from the Harley Davidson shops where you will be working.

Next and lastly you will be looking at actually getting a job. Once you have all of the above, you can start by sending out resumes, start sending to dealerships closest to you and work out. Make sure to call a few days after sending your resume and setup an interview. Once you get the job, start climbing the ladder on your way to making 6 figures a year as a master Harley mechanic.

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